About Me

More Than Your Average Writer.

As an author, there are many things that I write. From novels, to short stories, and even journaling. I have always been a writer and am looking forward to becoming a published author.

Not only am I a writer, but there are different faucets to me as well.

I am a mother, a housewife, and, oddly enough, someone who quilts in her free time as well.

I also homeschool my son, which takes up a good portion of my day.

I have been married for 22 years to my very best friend who inspires me, supports me, and is my biggest fan.

Writing, for me, is a way of expressing myself in words. I’ve tried painting (which I love), but I could never really get anyone else to understand what I was trying to visualize. Words seem to do a better job. I can jump into my imagination and put those words down to create a person, or a world, that other people can see. All through using words. I absolutely love that.

The book:

“How dare he insinuate that I would come willingly into the bowels of Hell.”
What happens to an angel who is dragged into Hell? Rebekah is an angel warrior of God who has fought against the evil Shadows, demons, and the other adversaries that only an angel can face. Now she must fight for her life as well as resist the temptations that only Hell can provide. Can she keep her heart and soul from giving in to the decadence of sin? One kiss could decide her fate.
Murmur, or Max as he is known to Rebekah, is a fallen angel who was once Rebekah’s lover in Heaven. For a fallen angel, he has all the right tricks up his sleeve to keep Rebekah in Hell. All he must do is get her to agree.

Made the local paper!
And the local radio station!

Been Busy

Sorry that I haven’t written anything for awhile. Seems like time likes to get away from me. I’ve mostly been busy trying to plan for next year. August will be here before I know it (plus all the summer school stuff that we will be working on), so I have to make sure that my […]

It's that time

I’m starting to look at curriculum for the summer and next year. It’s kinda hard b/c as he gets older, we are starting to enter into 7th grade and I’ve never taught middle school science or history or math. These things, I think, are going to be the toughest things that I have ever done […]

What I’m listening to:

Last of the Real Ones – Fall Out Boy

Zombie – Bad Wolves

The Thunder Rolls – All That Remains

Come Together – Gary Clark, Jr.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can chat about whatever and I can tell you what I’m working on.


For those of you who have bought and read my book, please post a review in the comments below to let me know what you think.

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