You know, I honestly didn’t think about it much when I first decided that I wanted to be published. I figured, “oh, well, I’ll send my manuscript to a few agents and they’ll totally pick me up.” Yea, right. It is actually harder to get into traditional publishing than it is when you decide to self-publish. Sure, I could write a query letter, or hire a professional to do a query package, send it off and see how many times I can get rejected. I know, I know, J.K. Rowling was rejected 7 times before she was picked up. But she had a novel over 300 pages and God knows what the word count is! I have 64,554 words on about 180 pages. Half of Harry Potter and I don’t even expect to get close to her accolades.

I think this is why I have decided to self-publish. I was going to go through a publishing company like Lulu, but they’ve had bad reviews and theirs was the only package I really liked and could afford. So, with some really heavy upfront fees (logo, website, professional critique, editing/proofreading, interior design, cover design mock-up, cover design, and professional review), it can seem rather daunting to take on all of this. But, I think I’m making headway. I have my pro critique in the works, as well as my designs, and editing. I have already created my logo and my website. Took me a minute to do both of those (note the sarcasm). Next is get everything up on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. I might try to get involved in Google too, but right now, this is enough. Once I get the eBooks on their way, then it is time for a limited traditional print. Who wants a copy?

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