Waiting Game

Now that I have everything sent off for editing/proofreading, cover design, and interior design, it’s a looonnngg waiting game. Let’s not forget the professional critique either. I have worked so hard for so long and now I have to wait. And I am not the most patient of people. And I have so many questions… Will I like the cover designs? What happens if I don’t? What is the critique going to say? Is it going to be good or bad? How many mistakes are they going to find in the edit/proofreading? Is the ePub format going to work for EVERY site I want to publish on? What about for traditional print? This is all so nerve wracking and I haven’t even put myself out there yet. And that unfolds a whole other set of questions. What if people don’t like it and leave a bunch of bad reviews? What if people love it and I am asked to write another book (even though, right now, I don’t have another one in me at the moment – although I do have some ideas)? What if I don’t make any money and it was all for naught? God, I wish that there was some way to ease my fears and answer some of the questions that I have been having. I just want to know what is going to be the outcome of this whole endeavor and if it is going to be worth the money that has been put into it. And it’s not even my money! I have a backer for all of this and I have to be able to pay them back. See, now I’m starting to freak out on a whole new level. Ack!! What am I going to do if no one likes it? Ok, I have to think on a different level. Everyone who has read the book says that it is a good book. I’ve gotten great reviews from friends and family. I’m not sure if those count, but I’m going to take them anyways.

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