Pro Critique

I got my critique back and I have to confess that it’s both a little disheartening and very good. It’s disheartening b/c it does point out some plot line issues, nothing major, just some things that I could add to make the story stronger. The problem is, I don’t know where to put the new suggestions and I’m pretty tied to what I have going on. The good part of the suggestions are that they can be something that I can tie into the second book (if there is a second book, right now I’m facing a tad bit of writer’s block, but that’s a different post). There are also suggestions for some inconsistencies that I was able to fix, so that is on the bright side. In the summary they did tell me that my book was highly marketable and that the manuscript was in excellent shape.

I glowed yesterday when I first received the critique, taking everything in stride, but now that I’ve had a night to sleep on it, I’m a little disappointed. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Is that the curse of creative people, taking any sort of criticism to heart? Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I want to add more to the book, if only I knew where. And I’m so in love with the text as it is. I’m having writer’s block as well. I just want everything to be perfect and now I feel as though my book is lacking. I can’t help but wonder, does Steven King have this issue? When he receives critiques, does he get all bummed out about it? Maybe he’s such a pro at it now, that it doesn’t bother him. But, maybe when he first started out. Is that my problem? This is my first book, my own creation, and now that someone has said something about it, although there was good praise as well, now that someone has said something about it… I’m upset. And if this is bothering me, what am I going to do when the reviews REALLY start coming in? I want to get a professional review on it and now I’m frightened. Is my book really good enough for anything? Was it all worth while? I don’t know…

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