I have no patience…

Which is true. I’m having a hard time just sitting here waiting for other people to either a) finish reading my book to give me feedback, b) finish editing my book so that I can get it into copy design, and c) design the cover so that I have something to post that I didn’t design myself (although, if I’m honest, I rather like the design that I did myself, so we’ll see what the cover designer has come up with). If this is how I feel about self-publishing, I wonder what it would feel like to go the traditional route. Would it take longer? Would it be a shorter waiting period? Which ever it would be, I’m sure that it would be killing me (hey, look, that rhymed). I just want to get my book out there, you know? I understand that I have said it before and that I keep repeating myself, but as I am slowly being driven mad by the lack of moment to get my book on shelves, I just can’t seem to help repeating myself. Well, I least I have math, ancient Egypt, reading to take up my days (that’s only some of his lessons), and a new quilt that I am working on that I love. So, I guess I have somethings to occupy my time (let’s not count laundry, shall we?).

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