I like to listen to music while I work. Part of that then becomes a playlist that I have that I only listen to while I work on my book. My first soundtrack is from, like, 2006. OLD songs. There is a lot of Clint Mansell, and Rhianna. I still listen to that, but it’s not relevant to what I need for getting ready to write my second book. Yes, I’ve decided on a second book b/c the first ends with such a cliff hanger. I haven’t quite worked out how the story is going to go. I think I need to write out a skeleton. But, in the meantime, I am working on a new soundtrack for the next book. I like to create a list of just the right songs, just the right lyrics and beats that fit into certain sections of the book. For example, there is a song by Billie Eilish that is called “All Good Girls Go to Hell.” I think that it is perfect for when Rebekah is first in Hell and she gets used to the idea of being evil. There is another called “Lovely” by her. It will be perfect for a more romantic scene. There is a lot of Billie Eilish on this playlist so far.

What I like about having a playlist is just the idea, like in a movie, of setting the mood, the tone of the story. It allows me to have a visual in what is happening. I know, that sounds weird. But it’s true! Music plays a huge role in what I am writing about. Songs inspire action or romance. In my first book, there was a lot of instrumentals, famous songs from movies that really set the tone for what was going on. On this list, there are a lot of songs that have a moody or darker tone to them. Some of them are fun as well, or deeply romantic. For where I am thinking of going with this next book, I think that these songs will really release those thoughts that I have about Rebekah and Max’s relationship. Dark, broody, but also intense. I also want a couple of jaunty tunes to represent Lilith or Lucifer.

The hardest part of creating a playlist, or the fun part depending on how you look at it, is finding just the right music. It can take hours of listening to different genres or songs. And I can tell if I’m going to like a song within the first 30 seconds or so. But still, the flipping and the wondering if the song is going to fit in the scope of the book itself. Although I enjoying putting together a playlist, it’s a pain as well. I just want to create the perfect soundtrack to my book. And I think that I am well on my way… maybe. Ugh. There are just so many songs out there!

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