Taking longer than I thought

Well, I thought that it would be snap to publish my book. Boy, was I wrong. I still have a week before my editor gets back to me, and the cover designer is still working on my cover as well. And I still haven’t been able to send in my manuscript to my interior designer (have to wait for my editor). I guess I had expectations that were too high. I figured, very vainly, that I would get the work back quickly b/c they were just working on my book. I did this without any concern over the fact that these are professionals who actually have OTHER clients. Ugh. I don’t know why I was so conceited about them working on only my project. I am in a long queue of clients and I should have thought about that in the first place. Maybe it’s because I was too anxious for my own work to become published. To come together and get out into the world. But, just because it is my priority to get out there, that doesn’t make it anyone else’s. Too much excitement for my own good.

This is where I need to take a long, deep breath and just breathe. I need to get myself together and just be patient (not my greatest of virtues) and remember that they will do the job that they were hired to do and I need to have faith in their abilities. They are professionals and they will get to my work as soon as they can in their time and schedule. Oh, that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to sit by and wait – no. I nudged each of them a little this morning, just to see where they are at. Like I said, I can try to be patient. It just doesn’t mean that I am.


Heard back from my editor and I should have a file by tomorrow so that I can work on any suggestions that she may have or any errors that she found. We have until the 20th to make any revisions, so here’s hoping! I also heard back from my interior designer and he’s patiently waiting for my final copy. It’s interesting b/c he is in Ireland and I am here, so we have to collaborate at certain times of the day to get messages back and forth in a timely manner. Also, I am supposed to hear from my cover designer later today, which I am super excited about. Can wait to share that with you all!

Have a good day everyone! Cheers.

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