So, there seems to be a small set-back. Apparently, I have been trying to do too much all out once and I didn’t really think of the timeline that it would take to get everything done. Now that I have had my editorial letter returned to me (which wasn’t as full of accolades that I was hoping for – if fact, it felt as though she tore my manuscript apart, although that is not what others are telling me). Now I’ve come to realize that I also need a proofreader. I need someone to go through and not check to see if I have words spelled right, but more that I’m not missing letters from words. For example, I recently found a word that was supposed to be spelled straighter when it was just straight in the manuscript. Now I have to question whether or not I have other words that are needing that type of attention and that perhaps I have simply over read my book that I’m not even noticing these things.

That means that if I need to get it proofread, then I have to push my typesetter back and I’m not sure how long he is willing to wait in the wings.

Now that I have started all of this, I really wish that I had put so much more research into a timeline of when I should have gotten things done. I guess that I was just so excited that I wanted to get published that I just decided that I needed to do everything all at once. Little did I think about how I needed my work to be edited. Then proofread. I could have my cover designer working on things while that was happening, but I also needed to wait to have my typesetter until the manuscript was completely polished. SMH, I really should have thought about this all the way through before I got going. And of course, I set myself a release date that I think is too close, which means I have to change the release date back (again). Not only do I have a time issue with what I mentioned above, but I also have to plan a marketing strategy so that I can get my name and book out there before it has even been printed. That means that I have to set up my website (check), try to put myself out there for Facebook (check), Twitter (check), Insta (check), but also local newspapers, tv interviews, advertisements, local book signings, and so on. Needless to say, there are no checks for those. I’m working on them, but it’s a little rough and makes me nervous about putting myself out there even more. And the fact that I have to do it on my own.

I know that all these timelines would have been taken care if I had take the traditional route, but it’s too late that for now. I’m invested (or rather my mother who is my backer is) now.

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