New logo

Ok, so I am seriously losing my mind and have decided on a new logo. Yup, another one. You would think that I would have settled on one thing and just go with it. Nope, not me. It takes me a while to find something that I absolutely love and want to stick with it. Besides, this is a very important decision as it becomes my BRAND. It is something that other will (hopefully) come to recognize and know that it belongs to me, RJ Luthey – author.

And, in doing all of this, I’m pretty sure that I have been driving my friends and family abso crazy with my indecisiveness. I’m sure that they are sick of my asking “What about this one?” You wouldn’t know it tho… they’ve been really good with putting up with me and my craziness. Which I am thoroughly thankful for, b/c without them, I’d been insane. They anchor me and keep me sane. Plus, they sometimes have good advise.

I think that this is more me…

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