So close, yet so far away

I got the final image for my book cover this morning and I am completely in love. It’s on my homepage and I just can’t help myself. I love it. Now, I just have to get it into PDF form, upload it onto my publisher’s website and get it printed. All after I get the PDF and EPUB interior design back from my typesetter.

Everyone seems to have a good feeling about this endeavor and I am a nervous wreck. I keep freaking out about how to market myself and my book (and my husband has about a million ideas), I’m nervous about whether or not my book will sell… and whether or not I’ll be a success. I have an idea for the second book already and would really love to see that come to fruition as well (maybe in a year or two – b/c this has wiped me out), but I’m so anxious about all of this… there has been so much to do and there is still so much more yet to accomplish. EEK!

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