Another Countdown

As you may have noticed, there are now two countdowns on my homepage. Well, the first, as you know, is the countdown for my book release (January 1st, hopefully) and the new countdown is for my Kirkus review. Kirkus is a professional reviewing company that is used by many seasoned writers such as Laurell K. Hamilton. Well, I have submitted my book to them in hopes of a positive review for my book that I can post on Amazon, B&N, etc. The down side of this is that it takes between 7-9 weeks to get a review back from them. All I can do in the meantime is hope and pray for a good review, one that I would be proud of. I’ve had rave reviews from family and friends, but I tend to think that they might a little biased. Maybe not.

Regardless, I’ve gotten people who tell me that it’s a good book and I feel if I can get a positive review from a company like Kirkus, then I’ll have a leg to stand on and something to prove to other readers and the naysayers that I have written something of quality and that it is a story worth reading.

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