Denver Comic Con

Yay! I just submitted my application for Author Alley at ComicCon for the upcoming DPCC in 2020! I’m so excited. Although I haven’t heard anything back yest (it’s a little too soon), I am thrilled that I even had an invitation sent to me at all. It’s going to be epic! I am desperately hoping that I get accepted and that I can go to the Con with my head held high and a box of books at my side. I have to remain positive and send those happy thoughts out into the universe.

I have also requested that I do a book signing at my local library. Here’s hoping to hearing back from them in the next couple of days so that I can get that going as well. I really would like all of these opportunities to come to fruition! It would be grand to have all of those things come my way. Like I said, a new year, new book, new opportunities! Send those positive thoughts and prayers my way and support me in any way possible. I’m thrilled to have a great audience and people who support me!

Thank you!!

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