And we are off! I pushed the button today to get my book published and distributed worldwide. It’s done. All of these months of writing and worrying, and stress and the feelings of panic are through. I’ve done it. Ok, maybe not with the panic or the stress. ACK!

My book is due to arrive on the 2nd of January, which mean it will be a New Year’s delivery to the people who have purchased so far. If you are thinking of buying, now is your chance! In a few weeks, my book will be released as an eBook that will be available on Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, Kobo and more online retailers for $4.99. So you have your choice of hard paperback copy, or online, whichever is your preference.

Along with applying for a table at Denver Pop-Culture Con (or as I like to call it – ComicCon), I’ve been trying to reach out to my local library to see if I can do a book signing there. I’ve only ordered 40 hard copy book, so if you want one, you may want to get one soon before I do a book signing. I am also going to reach out to our local TV station here in town to do an interview, so hopefully that will come to fruition as well.

I am sending out as many positive vibes as I can out into the universe and I am hoping that, after the first of the new year, good things will come my way in regards to this book. I feel pretty positive about it so far! Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head. I’d have to be a raging success in order for that to happen, and right now, I’d be happy to sell what I have going on. And to go to ComicCon. And have a book signing. And an interview. Maybe even sell 1,000 books. Then I can consider myself a success and maybe, just maybe, have it go to my head just a little bit.

So, buy your copy, tell your friends, write reviews, and send your good vibes out there as well. I’d love that (and YOU!) for helping me to achieve my goals.

Thank you!!!

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