Happy New Year!! – a little late

Sorry for the delayed post, but sure enough, as soon as the new year started, I got sick. I’ve been battling a super wicked cold over the last week, so my mind has been a bit fuzzy and my head congested.

Just to catch everyone up, my book is slowly, but surely, making some sales. Thanks to the article that was in local newspaper, I was able to sell a few more copies. Now, if I can hold true, I should be able to generate more sales in the coming months. I’m going to reach out to our local TV station here in town, and I’m hoping that the library will soon set up a local author’s book signing. Also, I feel pretty confident about getting into ComicCon. Fingers crossed.

I have to admit, tho, with this cold setting the tone for the new year, that I’m experiencing a bit of self-doubt. I’m a tad worried that I’m not making the sales that I was hoping to make. Plus, it’s kinda sad that I get a bunch of likes, but still no one seems truly interested. But, again, I’m trying to be optimistic. It’s a new year and there are new opportunities out there.

I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason. There must have a been a reason why I felt so driven to finish this book finally. Even if it means that it doesn’t sell the way that I was hoping. At least it is out in the universe. And there has to be a reason why more people are not reading it. Who knows. I don’t have the answers to the universe, as much as I would love to have them.

I think, that moving forward, this blog will probably turn more into random thoughts about writing and, maybe homeschooling, if I don’t have anything else to write about as far as my book goes. I can’t write about my book if nothing is happening with it, whereas, I write and teach everyday.

What I can say is that, right now, I need to go down some Theraflu just so that I can get through this school day.


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