Up on Amazon!

I checked today and it looks like the Kindle edition of my book is up and running! I'm very excited that no only do I have hard copies to sell, but now the Kindle edition is up for those who like to read their eBooks on tablets and phones. That is so cool. The Kindle [...]

Up for sale!!

Guess what is up for sale on Amazon! Click the link and buy as a Kindle eBook for only $5.99! How exciting is this? Soon, it'll be on Barnes & Noble for Nook and iBook for Apple. I can't believe that this is becoming all too real. https://www.amazon.com/Bordering-Shadows-R-J-Luthey-ebook/dp/B082P5JG9Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3GIV0XJCGVM3U&keywords=bordering+shadows&qid=1576686110&sprefix=bordering+sh%2Caps%2C181&sr=8-1

Book Signing

Got news today that my local library is going to host a local author book signing in the Spring. There are details still to come, as it takes months to plan for such an event, but the fact that I am on the list for authors to be part of the event is very exciting. [...]

Metadata Optimazation

Not that I know what that means, but I'm pretty sure that it has to do with making sure that all of the information for my book is ready to go to print and distribution. I had to make sure that things looked right and was correct in the way that it was worded. That [...]


And we are off! I pushed the button today to get my book published and distributed worldwide. It's done. All of these months of writing and worrying, and stress and the feelings of panic are through. I've done it. Ok, maybe not with the panic or the stress. ACK! My book is due to arrive [...]